6th INMP Conference

Kyoto & Hiroshima, Japan –

The 2008 conference took place again in Japan, ten years after the previous conference held there. This time, the venues were Kyoto and Hiroshima, and the conference theme was ‘Peace museums as spaces for creating peace: Building “peace literacy” for global problem-solving’.

The conference was organised mainly by the Kyoto Museum for World Peace at Ritsumeikan University, again on the initiative of Professor Ikuro Anzai who was also chair of the organizing committee. The conference was held in partnership with Kyoto University of Art and Design; Tohoku University of Art and Design; Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University; and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. In the latter museum, Hiroshima Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba addressed participants during the last day of the conference.

Among the publications prepared for the 6th conference was a new, updated and expanded directory, Museums for Peace Worldwide, edited by Kazuyo Yamane, as well as Museums for Peace: Past, Present and Future, a volume of essays – the first of its kind – edited by Ikuro Anzai, Joyce Apsel and Syed Sikander Mehdi. Both volumes were published under the auspices of the Organizing Committee of the 6th Conference by the Kyoto Museum for World Peace.


Relevant documents:
2008 Museums for Peace Worldwide – Kazuyo Yamane (Ed.) (PDF, 2MB)