No Gun Ri Peace Prize

No Gun Ri, Korea –

On 8 December, the INMP was greatly honoured with the 2013 Peace Prize (Human Rights Section) of the No Gun Ri International Peace Foundation. This was the result of a submission by INMP board member Clive Barrett, which detailed the many ways in which the network was contributing towards the creation of a global culture of peace and human rights. In the words of the Foundation:

“The INMP has greatly contributed to helping peace museums in the world share exhibitions, practical knowledge and information with each other, thus playing an important role of agent for peace and human rights. In addition, the association has worked hard to change the existing recognition toward peace in the international society, and to promote peace through exchanges and cooperation among peace museums. On the occasion of the Peace Palace Centenary in The Hague, the INMP also contributed to the longterm welfare of those who have been working for peace and human rights. In recognition of the contribution to world peace, the INMP was chosen winner of the 6th No Gun Ri Peace Prize in the Human Rights section.”

The award ceremony was held at the Conference Hall of the No Gun Ri Peace Park, the same location as the 8th INMP Conference in September 2014. Kazuyo Yamane went as INMP representative to receive the award, where she gave a short acceptance speech written by Peter van den Dungen and herself. She is pictured with Dr. Chung Koo-do, chairman of the No Gun Ri Peace Foundation.