Peace Mask East Asia

The Peace Mask Project has been beautifully represented at two INMP Conferences to date. At the 6th INMP Conference in 2008 in Kyoto, Japan, Korean artist Myong Hee Kim gave a talk explaining the history, methods and meaning of the Peace Mask Project. There was also a workshop and an exhibition.

The work further developed into the Peace Mask East Asia project. During a one-year period (starting September 2014), one thousand Peace Masks were to be made of youth in China, Korea, and Japan – 333 in each country.

The first Peace Mask East Asia workshop and exhibition took place at the 8th INMP Conference in 2014, at the No Gun Ri Peace Museum in Korea.

Peace Mask East Asia was born out of a need for community-led initiatives for peace between the people of Korea, Japan, and China, at a time when tensions are rising in the region. The causes of these tensions are multi-faceted and complex, with division threatening to take precedence over great commonalities. The goal of this project is to celebrate our commonalities and transform these tensions through the actions of individuals, families and communities, thus paving a new road for future generations. Believing in creativity and vision, the Peace Mask East Asia project centres on empowering youth from the three countries to become peacebuilders of the future.

Collaboration on the new Hiroshima~Nagasaki (Hibakusha) Peace Mask Project began in late 2015. Completion of phase one of the project, the creation of 100 Hibakusha Peace Masks, was celebrated in Hiroshima in March 2017.



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