Directorate of Anfal Museum, Iraq

The Directorate of Anfal Museum was built in 2012 as a result of the al-Anfal Campaign against the Kurdish people (and other non-Arab populations) in northern Iraq. This campaign was led by the Ba’athist Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and headed by Ali Hassan al-Majid in the final stages of Iran-Iraq War in 1988. The Anfal campaign included the use of ground offensives, aerial bombing, systematic destruction of settlements, mass deportation, firing squads, and chemical warfare, which earned al-Majid the nickname of Chemical Ali. 4000 villages were destroyed and 182.000 people lost their lives. The campaign has been characterized as genocidal in nature.

The museum’s goal is to commemorate and condemn this genocide, helping family victims, preventing the repetition of such a crime, and working for peace.

Banimaqan Chamchama
00964 Chamchamal Sulaimaniyah Kurdistan