Peace Philanthropy – Then and Now

INMP Travelling Exhibition: Peace Philanthropy – Then and Now

An international travelling exhibition to celebrate the centenary of the Peace Palace in The Hague.

The exhibition shows the changing tradition of peace philanthropy, illustrated by cases of known and less-known individuals. After an introduction about ‘the gift of Andrew Carnegie’, important historical figures in the tradition of peace philanthropy are being introduced, including Alfred Nobel, Henry Ford and Hague banker Johan Wateler. This line is then extended to contemporary examples, such as Joan Kroc and Ted Turner. It was first on display in the large Atrium of The Hague city hall from 15 August until 29 September 2013.

The exhibition consists of 26 laminated panels, printed on one side, with hooks for hanging on the back side. Each panel measures 100x100cm, and is a few mm thick. The total weight of the exhibition is roughly 125kg. The panels are designed with a 10 degree twist, but read horizontal when hung. The panels have a chronological order, but can be displayed in random order or as a selection too. Texts are in English.
The content can also be shared as PDF, to print your own poster exhibition.

If your museum is interested in hosting this travelling exhibition, please contact the INMP secretariat at

The complete panels are available for viewing below. For more pictures of the official opening in the Atrium, City Hall, The Hague, please visit our Flickr photo album.

An e-book of the Peace Philanthropy – Then and Now travelling exhibition is available for free download via the following links (warning – large files !):

» as epub e-book (readable as an e-book on most tablets)
» as comic book (if you have an app on your tablet to read graphic novels)
» as pdf (use with Acrobat Reader, e.g. on a PC with no e-book reader)