The INMP initially had a newsletter from 1993 until 2002. With internal reorganisation and the opening of the secretariat, the newsletter was revived in May 2011 and published twice a year. Starting 2014, the publication of the newsletter became quarterly. With the newsletters, the INMP informs its associates and the interested public of news from the foundation and its associates, past experiences and upcoming events.

The latest newsletters can be viewed via the menu on the right. Older newsletters, from the first period, can be found on this page. The newsletters are in PDF format.

Muse Newsletter

For those who are interested in peace museums in Japan, ‘Muse’ is the newsletter of the Japanese Citizens’ Network of Museums for Peace. It is published twice a year in English and Japanese.

Muse can be downloaded as a PDF file from The Center of the Tokyo Raids and War Damage website:
(Note: scroll down to view the English editions)