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Would you like to contribute to world peace; strengthening the work of museums, galleries and libraries working for peace (collectively called museums for peace), without becoming an associate? Please consider becoming a “Sponsor for Peace” and make a donation to the INMP.

€ 500.00 companies
€ 175.00 families

€ 75.00 individuals

*Our “Sponsors for Peace” recieve discounts to the International Network of Museums for Peace Conferences.

Help “peace” take its rightful place in our cultures today, both locally and globally.

The INMP has received ANBI status in the Netherlands, which means we are considered a Public Benefit Institution. Donations made by individuals and organisations are tax deductible in the Netherlands.

Would you like to contribute on a regular basis or sponsor one of our projects (conferences, publications, travelling exhibitions), please contact the secretariat (Contact us).