The organisation

The organisation of the INMP consists of an Executive Board and an Advisory Committee, and is coordinated by the international office in The Hague (collaboration between the General Coordinator and the Director.)

General Coordinator

The General Coordinator gets appointed by the Executive Board, is the chairman during board meetings, consults with the Advisory Committee on matters that concern the INMP and convenes meetings of the Executive Board and Advisory Committee. Currently, the function of General Coordinator is vacant, Dr. Peter van den Dungen retired from the board after 25 years of dedicated coordinatorship.

Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of a maximum of ten individual associates, including a chairman, secretary and treasurer (the last two can be fulfilled by one individual), representing the diversity of the associates. The date for new elections of the Board will be announced before August 31st 2017.

The Executive Board
Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee consists of three to twelve individual associates, also representing the diversity of the associates. The main task for the Advisory Committee is to advise the General Coordinator on relevant matters for the INMP.

Brief board meeting report